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500% Persuasion Power
Do you struggle to get buy in and support for your ideas? 

Increase your odds of success 500%
By Learning the Secret Formula of Persuasion to Get Others to Buy Into Your Idea.
Become a Persuasion Guru - The Easy Way

The "kill rate" on ideas is astounding.   Research shows for every 3,000 raw ideas generated only 1.7 of them actually turn into reality!

Think about your own experience. How many times have you pitched an idea to your boss, your spouse, an investor or customer only to get a "NO!"

Many of these idea due to one simple (and avoidable) pitfall - they weren't communicated in a clear and persuasive way that motivated others to support them.

In this Digital Workshop You'll Learn ...
What Parts of Your Idea 
Are Most Motivating.
When it comes to communicating an idea, more is not better.  But how do you know what part of your idea to focus on?  

We'll show you the critical parts of your communication that your customer wants to hear.
How to Organize Your Communication to Build Interest.
When it comes to sharing ideas, there's a wrong way and there's a right way.

In this workshop you'll learn how to organize your communication in an easy way.  If you could do MadLibs® as a kid, you can do this!
How to Cut
 Through the Clutter.
People receive thousands of messages a day.  So how do you cut through the clutter and get their attention?

We'll show you what to say and how to say it in a way that draws your audience in so that they want to hear more.
Watch The Video To See Why Persuasion is So Important When You Have a Meaningfully Unique Idea.
You don't have to be a salesperson or a "reader of people" in order to be successful with convincing people of the power of your idea.  By following some basic guidelines you can structure a simple message that's clear, concise and most of all - CONVINCING!
You get INCREDIBLE VALUE from this workshop

Learn how-to in about 2 hours!

This workshop is built to make you functional in persuasive communication within about 2 hours!  Through a combination of video instruction and structured yet simple practical exercises, you'll learn how to construct a convincing argument for any kind of idea.

Can't Screw It Up Templates

There is a simple structure for communicating ideas that wins every time.  The best advertisers use it.  Winning products and services use it to sell more.  Entrepreneurs use it to pitch investors to get funding. Top performing sales people use it to customize their messages to get customers to say YES!

Instant Persuasion Check Software

With this workshop you get access to Idea Coach, an artificial intelligence system that reads the communication of your idea and gives you instant feedback and ideas to make it even more persuasive!  Most people see their idea get 41% more persuasive with this tool alone!

60 Days Access to 50+ of the World's Most Robust Online Innovation Tools

With this workshop you'll get a free account on Innovation Engineering Labs with the most complete collection of OVER 50 tools for not just communicating ideas more persuasively, but also creating and problem solving. ($394 value!) 

Pump up the Persuasion Kit

We'll aslo send you a kit of persuasion templates, checklists and worksheets that can help you work through how to make anything more persusasive.  It cotains: 

The Can't Screw It Up Template that can help you structure a motivating message for your complete idea.  (Think of it like a mini business plan for your idea.)

The Clarity Checklist helps you do a fast run through of your communication to make sure it's motivating all the way through.

The Ideas to Paper Worksheets help you formulate a plan for how to talk about your idea - pushing you to consider it from a right brained, big picture perspsective as well as the logicial, left-brained side. ($49 value!)
It works for ANY IDEA, in ANY INDUSTRY.
The methods and structures for communicating persuasively are built on data.  The Eureka! Ranch has written and tested over 20,000 different ideas for products, services, marketing, businesses, processes...everything you can think of in nearly every category there is.  If you need to convince someone that your idea is worth pursuing, this is the workshop for you.
Adult Body Cleansers

Adult Candy
Adult Education Services

Adult Skin Care


Air Filters


Allergy Care Products




Auto Emergency Products

Baby Feeding Systems

Baby Skin Care


Barbecue Sauces


Beef Products

Beer Products

Beer Positioning
Beer Packaging Concepts


Bike Tours

Board Games

Boats and Boat 

Bottled Coffee & Teas

Boxed Chocolates


Burial  Caskets

Business Communications

Business Insurance

Business Research Services

Butters and Spreads

Canister Snacks
Candies & Confectionary

Car Care Products

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Cat Foods, Snacks, Treats

Charity Fundraising

Children's Hair Care

Cold and Cough Products

Cold Cereals


Concept Car Interiors

Concept Cars

Construction Info. Services
Construction Toys

Consumer Packaged Goods

Cooking Oils

Corporate Financing

Corporate Partnerships

Creative Services


Credit Card Services

Cremation Urns

Custom Cabinets

Customer Service


Database Design

Decorative Tile

Desktop Computers

Direct Marketing

Dog Foods, Snacks

Drink Mixes and Spirits
Educational Toys

Electric Utility Services

Engine Oil Additives


Enrollment Programs


Expandable Foam

Eye Care


Fabric Treatments

Facial Cleansers

Facial Moisturizers


Fast Food Menu Items

Fast Food Systems

Feminine Products

Financial Management

Financial Services

Fine Arts Services

Food Preparation Aids

Food Quality Diagnostics

Food Service Products

Food Service Promotions

Food Storage Bags

Foot Care Products

Frozen Entrees

Frozen Vegetables

Fruit Beverages

Fruit Juices

Functional Foods

Functional Paint Products


Gardening Products

Gourmet Breads

Gourmet Coffee

Gov't. Budgeting

Gov’t. Services

Ground Coffee

Hand Soap

Health Beverages

Healthy Snacks

Herbal Medicines

Herbal Teas

Home Appliances

Home Security

Hot Cereals

Household Cleansers

Ice Cream and Deserts

Industrial Locks

Information Services

Insect Repellents

Instant Coffee


International Business

International Marketing

Internet Services

Investment Services
Kids Candy

Kids Cereals

Kids Soaps/Shampoos

Kids Toys

Landscaping Products

Laptop Computers

Laundry Soap

Library Science

Life Insurance

Locks/Security Systems

Long Distance Phone Services
Lunch Meats




Medical Info Systems

Memorial Products

Microbrew Beer

Mufflers (OEM & AM)

New Adult Beverages

New Age Beverages

New Breakfast Foods

New Cars

New Trucks and S.U.V.'s
Nutritional Supplements

O.T.C. Drugs

Off Season Sales Efforts

Online Advertising

Online Banking Services

Online Barter Services

Online Postage Services

Online Security Systems

Paper & Pulp Processing

Paper Cups, Plates

Pay Phones/Systems

Peanuts and Peanut Butter
Personal Grooming

Pest Control

Pet Foods


Photographic Equipment

Playground Equipment

Pork Products…
and many more.                       
What you Get from this Workshop
  • One Line Winner: Learn how to craft the killer "elevator pitch" for your idea - so people are drawn in and wowed in your first sentence. (10 minutes in)
  • Increase your Close Rate: Now you've got them interested, now how do you "close the sale" to take someone who's a maybe to a "yes!"  Learn how to use proof to bolster your idea up to 120% more.  (24 minutes in)
  •  Custom Communications to Address Everyone:  Most ideas have to sell multiple people, not just one person.  But you communicating the benefits to every audience makes clarity impossible.  The pipe analogy and exercise will help you focus on communicating the right message to the right person.  (58 minutes in)
  •  Connecting What They Want to What You Have.  Nothing drives interest like urgency.  Discover what your boss / spouse /customer / investor / colleague is most interested in and how your solution can be their answer. (90 minutes in)
Eureka! Ranch's training products named

 "Top 10 Training Products"
by Training & Development Magazine
How long does this workshop take?
This is a self guided workshop, so it can take as much or as little as you want.  Most people knock it out in less than 2 hours time (and there's a guide to keep you on track). But you can stop and start as you like, it doesn't have to be done in one sitting.
How long do I get access to the tools and videos?
When you take the workshop, you instantly get access to the world's most powerful innovation software suite, Innovation Engineering Labs ("IE Labs.").  Your workshop takes place inside the classroom portion of IE Labs.  You'll have unlimited access to the videos and exercises connected to your class.  You'll have 60 days access to the rest of the tools inside Labs.
Can I do this solo or with a team?
Yes and yes.  You can choose to do this workshop on your own and just work through the videos and exercises.  Or you can pull the videos up with your team and work through the exercises together.  It's a great thing to do when you have to work as a team on a common project.
My idea is a service, a promotion, a process, a pitch for a new job...will the workshop work for literally any idea?
Actually, yes!  If you have an idea for something and you have to convince someone else to do something - to help you, hire you, buy it, allow you to do it - then this workshop will help you persuade them!  It's built from studying the buying decisions on over 25,000 different ideas and understanding what are the most motivating factors that get people to say yes to some ideas and no to others.
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