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The need to work smarter, faster and more innovatively is broadly accepted. What is not understood is HOW to do this. 

Until recently, there were no college or executive courses.
 And, there were no validated methods and practical tools for helping anyone create fresh ideas and turn them into reality - quickly and successfully.
The best-kept secrets of innovation pros
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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: How you can 8x your ideas WITHOUT brainstorming
Brainstorming has been around forever and continues to get underwhelming results.  So why keep doing it?!  Learn the secret to taking your idea generation from ho-hum to industrial strength.
Secret #2: How to increase your chances to get someone to say "yes" to your ideas by 500%!
Whether you have a better way to do something or a totally new idea, sooner or later you need to convince others it's worth doing.
Secret #3: What you learned in 2nd grade will help you turn ideas into reality 6x faster.
Really!  Second grade!  When people use these principles together the shave off days, weeks, even years it normally takes to turn an idea into a reality.
Maggie Nichols
Innovation Expert
About The Speaker:
Maggie Nichols has been in innovation for 20 years.   She's president of Eureka! Ranch, often dubbed a safe-haven for innovative thinking.  Since 1986, Eureka! has worked with everyone from big companies (Nike, Disney and American Express) to individuals (teachers, small business owners, managers).  In fact, 18 products in the average American home came from the work of the Eureka! Ranch.
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