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Igniting the
Get the gritty insider's guide to inventing bold ideas - by the gurus that have spent a lifetime creating new categories, brands and businesses. 
Doug Hall and Eric Schulz are career innovators.  Collectively they've invented over 25,000 ideas.  In fact, the average American home has 18 products they've invented.

They live on the gritty front lines of innovation. They've overcome: small thinking,  "We can't do that," and corporate bureaucracy. 

They've tried things that have worked. They have tried things that bombed. And they have arguably single-handedly done more real-world work on big innovation in big companies than anyone.  

Some of their innovations:
  •  Developed the American Express Centurion Card
  •  Developed The Coca-Cola Company's Global 1996 Olympic Marketing Playbook. 
  •  Developed the pouring spout on orange juice cartons and helped launch 11 new products in 12 months - a P&G record. 
  •  Created the Direct-to-Video product category for Disney
  •  Led marketing launch of XFL Football League
  •  Directed marketing for the Utah Jazz
  •  Developed custom whiskey business in 2 years that beats category leader 3:1.
  •  and 100s more...
In this webinar they'll reveal their "secret sauce" for bold innovation and what you can do yourself to make it happen in your company.
Secret #1: 
How you can create big innovation even in a conservative company.
Secret #2: 
How to sell your bold ideas to leadership. (No matter how disruptive they are.)
Secret #3: 
How to ship and make your idea real - even when everything seems against you.
Doug Hall
Inventor.  Author.  Speaker. 
Doug's invented literally tens of thousands of ideas for everything from Fortune 50 challenges to how to balance the federal budget. Most recently, he and his Brain Brew Crew invented breakthrough new whiskeys using a process so unique they have 11 patents pending!  

Doug is the author of 6 books. His books are used as textbooks in universities around the world and are consistently found on bestsellers lists. (One being named one of the top 100 business books of all time.) Doug's writing is always straight forward, simple, and teaches you exactly how to put his lessons into action - NOW.

Doug's given well over 300 keynote speeches always earning top scores from audiences. He's spoken for mega-audiences ranging from the US Department of Commerce to P&G, Ford, and American Express. His topics include innovation, leadership, marketing, and new product development.

Eric Schulz
Professor.  Author.  Former Marketing Executive. 
ERIC SCHULZ is a marketing faculty member of Utah State University's Jon M Huntsman School of Business (July 2011-present). I previously taught at Brigham Young University and The University of Utah.

He honed his marketing skills over two decades working at some of the world's top consumer product companies -- Procter & Gamble, The Walt Disney Company, and The Coca-Cola Company. He also worked in sports marketing with the Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Angels (minor leagues), XFL Football League and the Olympic Games (Atlanta, 1996). Now, as a marketing professor, he spends his free time researching and developing new tools that can help marketers succeed in today's ever-changing competitive environment.

His long history and career in innovation and marketing read like a "Who's Who" of impactful programs, products and bold moves.  Highlights include:

---Developed The Coca-Cola Company's Global 1996 Olympic Marketing Playbook. 

---Procter & Gamble Invention Team: Founding Member (with Doug Hall) Developed the pouring spout on orange juice cartons and helped launch 11 new products in 12 months - a P&G record. 

---Created the Direct-to-Video product category for Disney with “The Return of Jafar”, which netted retail sales of $129 million. 

---Led marketing launch of XFL Football League (2001 edition)

---Directed marketing for the Utah Jazz / Larry H Miller Sports and Entertainment Group.

---Wrote “The Marketing Game, How The World’s Best Companies Play to Win”, published in 14 languages with worldwide sales of over 250,000 copies.

---Wrote "The Smart Marketer's Toolbox", published in 2011.