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For 30+ years we've helped leading corporations develop innovations for new products, services, systems, brands, and businesses. We've created and tested 25,000+ innovations, 100,000+ individuals & invested over $25 Million to create ways to be better, faster, and smarter at innovation.

As you could imagine, this experience has resulted in a rather large library of tools. 
What tools are included?
Create & Problem Solving
Create meaningfully unique ideas and solutions to your problems. 

These tools contain stimulus to spark ideas. Using them with more people (small group of up to about 6) increases diversity and will produce even more ideas. 

Create tools are mostly used during a create or problem solving session. These sessions have a specific purpose and the tools are used to generate ideas. Problem solving tools are also used when there is an issue with a project and the team needs some fresh thinking to create a solution.
Searching Tools
Learn from searching and stay organized by keeping notes of what you learn as you search. 

Searching tools are a method for gathering stimulus. Each tool searches a different database. Academic articles for wisdom mining, patents for technology mining and Google for market and insight mining. Once you click on a result, a text area will appear for you to make notes of what you learned. When revisiting past searches, you will see the links you clicked and the links where you made notes. 

Searching tools are used mostly early in the innovating process when you are gathering stimulus to then create ideas. The next most common time to use searching tools is to problem solve when there is a specific issue with a project.
Writing Tools
Clearly communicate your idea, system or strategy. These tools help you write and rewrite your ideas to increase your odds of success. 

These tools give you the framework for the parts needed to capture an idea, system or strategy. Then you can use other tools to make improvements. The tools either contain stimulus to improve your idea or they leverage collaboration from your groups. 

Writing tools for ideas are mostly used during the define stage of innovation. However improvements and rewrites can happen at any time. Writing tools for strategy are some of the first tools you should use, because they will help you decide on what you should be doing. System tools help make an existing system visiable which is nessasary to do before improving the system.
Math Tools
Manage risk by calculating sales, cost, profits, timing, units etc. 

Math tools work like calculators but with more intelligence. 

Math is done during the define stage for every project to get an estimate for the project's value. These math forecasts are updated or replaced as the team learns more about the idea and the market.
Research Tools
By replacing judgment with research you can decrease risk and create more meaningfully unique ideas. 

Research tools work by collecting responses for either your potential customers (survey tools) or your group (idea scan). The tool will analyze the data and create a report focused on meaningful uniqueness and full of insights to improve your ideas. 

Research tools are used mostly to validate an idea and learn how to make it better. Typically the plan step is to learn if an idea is meaningfully unique or learn which idea is most meaningfully unique.
Utility Tools
Help You Stay Organized. 

File upload, drawing tool and meeting notes are very simple features. While not the most exciting set of tools, this category is needed for teams to stay organized. 

Whenever there are activities being done outside of  the website, use these tools to record what happened for reference later.
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