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Meals are provided throughout the course, so please let us know of any food restrictions so we can do our best to make sure something delicious is waiting for you.
Innovation Engineering Fundamentals Course & Certification
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Innovation Engineering Fundamentals Course and IE Blue Belt Certification provides Digital, Lab, and Application Classes covering 13 skills from the academically endorsed Innovation Engineering Body of Knowledge for each participant. This includes 4 hours of instructional videos and 2 days of live instructor time for Lab and Application Classes. In addition please, note that the fee is 100% refundable up until two weeks before the IE Fundamentals Course if you cancel within 2 weeks of the event there is a $500 USD cancellation fee.
When and Where
IE Fundamental Courses are held regularly in locations across the US, Canada and Europe.
Eureka! Ranch
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
One of the most popular locations is the world-famous Eureka! Ranch, dubbed by the media as a 'safe haven for innovative thinking.'  It's been featured in dozens of news outlets from Business Week to Dateline NBC.
From large to small, every size organization can learn how to win with Innovation Engineering.
"Our speed to market has increased over 40% and our pipeline has been enriched by over 50%." 
"It's not just about great ideas.  It's a complete business operating system at a gold standard level."
"Before this, our revenue fell over 30% in one year.  It was a huge wakeup call.  We're now seeing a 300% increase!"
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