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how to Find, Filter, and Fast Track BIG IDEAS
 RIGHT NOW...in your current job.
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The aim of this course…
is to teach you how to Find, Filter, and Fast Track BIG IDEAS.

These can be ideas for working smarter at your current job and/or ideas for new/improved products, services, and systems.

No matter your role in the organization, this course will teach you how to create, communicate, and accelerate ideas.
The course is unlike anything you’ve ever attended. 
Instead of hours of lectures, you spend 95% of your time in hands on lab assignments and direct application to your work. 

Instead of abstract theory you learn step by step methods for HOW to make innovation without being a "creative" or "risk-taker."
What You'll Learn:
How to 8x your ability to CREATE ideas and solve problems.
How to be 500% more persuasive selling your ideas.
How to make your ideas a reality 
6x faster.
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Be sure to use a reliable email address as your course materials, online access to pre-work videos and live access to tools during the course will be enabled using this address.  Most people use their work email address.
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Food Allergies / Restrictions
Meals are provided throughout the course, so please let us know of any food restrictions so we can do our best to make sure something delicious is waiting for you.
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From large to small, every size organization can learn how to win with innovation.
"Our speed to market has increased over 40% and our pipeline has been enriched by over 50%." 
"It's not just about great ideas.  It's a complete business operating system at a gold standard level."
"Before this, our revenue fell over 30% in one year.  It was a huge wakeup call.  We're now seeing a 300% increase!"
Speaking the Same Language
With miscommunication and mis-understanding comes friction and frustration.  It can be one of the biggest obstacles to teams working quickly and collaboratively.  This course will give you a common language and communication tools that help you simplify, focus, and move faster!
6x Better Brainstorming
You'll learn a method that gets to 6x more ideas (higher quantity and higher quality) than traditional brainstorming.  
"Out of the Box" 
Problem Solving Framework
As part of the course you'll be taught a repeatable framework for creating and testing ideas that solve problems. The approach that helps teams move projects through quickly while reducing risk.

Alignment for Speed
Multiple research studies cite lack of alignment as the biggest reason for the lack of speed in innovation within teams.  This means lack of a clear strategy and also lack of a clear approach to innovation projects.

In this course you'll learn a simple system for creating and framing a strategy so everyone gets it and works in unison to accomplish it.  
Killer Innovation Toolkit
Innovation Engineering Labs is the most comprehensive set of innovation tools for innovators.  Built by innovators who wanted everything they would need for innovation at hand, this complete collection of literally 100+ tools will help you create, communicate, and commercialize innovations at scale.  With this course you get 2 months access to IE Labs.
Collaboration through Diversity
A critical element to innovation success is leveraging diversity and all the different thinking styles that come with it.  You'll learn how to quickly identify the thinking styles of each team member and leverage it.
35,000 Support Network
As an Innovation Engineering course participant you join a community of 35,000 others that have been educated in Innovation Engineering systems.  They have a similar innovation mindset.  They speak your language.  And they are there as resources for you to connect with and problem solve.  In fact, many people in the community find new partners, business relationships, and positions as part of the network.
Graduate Level Education & Certification
Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification is an asset to your portfolio of skills.  In completing this professional certification you'll be doing the equivalent of 1 semester of Graduate level coursework at super-sonic speed.  (But don't stress that you can't take on more! The certification work is done by attacking your existing work...just in a different way.)
Advanced Leadership Development
The great thing about innovation is that it moves across all aspects of the organization - marketing, business strategy, sales, finance, production, resource allocation. 

In this course and certification you learn how all these functions and roles can come together to collaborate and get an accelerated experience that helps you develop into a stronger, more holistic leader. 

Doing Work that Matters
Over and over, Innovation Engineering Blue Belts tout their increased confidence and renewal in a pride of work.  They say:
  •  "Innovation is now a way of thinking, not simply a "project."
  • "I embrace failure - because it means I'm pushing the envelop and really learning."
  • "I have confidence that I can find a way or make a way to make things not just better, but incredible."
  •  "Doing something different gets me excited, when it used to make me tired and anxious."
  •  "I now feel enabled to do cool s#!t that matters!"

What the IE Fundamentals Course
& Blue Belt Certification Includes:
You'll learn a ton of methodical yet mind-blowing things that will help you be the innovative thinker you've always wanted to be. 
  • 33 short video courses that teach you the basics for getting started and the fundamental concepts you need to know to be successful
  •  2 days instruction and hands-on coaching from an experienced Innovation Engineering Black Belt
  •  60 days private access to Innovation Engineering Labs, an online portal with advanced software that makes innovating easy
  •  Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification after completing the course requirements.
  •  Post course work that shows you how to apply your innovation skills to tackle your current to-do list.
  •  Fast Feedback from innovation pros for the 60 days following your live class as you apply your new skills to your work.
You get value THE MINUTE you sign up!
Here's how it works.
Sign Up and get INSTANT ACCESS
The second you sign up you get instant access to 33 video classes - teaching you the fundamental concepts taught on college campuses on cutting edge innovation techniques.

And because they're simple, short and straightforward, you'll learn some things you can start to use instantly - even before coming to the live class!
 Learn it 
Then come to a LIVE class where you learn how to roll your sleeves up and innovate in real time.  You'll be coached by innovation experts as you practice applying your new skills.

And before you leave you'll create a gameplan for how you'll actually use your new skills on your EXISTING WORK back at home.
Make it Real and get CERTIFIED
The trickiest part is when you head back to work - when most classes leave you on your own to figure it out.  

Not us.  

For 60 days following the course you get an Innovation Engineering Black Belt coach that gives you feedback and guidance as you translate your new skills into your regular job.
Do I have to be an engineer or in innovation to take the course?
NO!  You can be anything (coach, nurse, marketing manager, astronaut) and take the course.  The reason it's called 'Innovation Engineering' is because it's both teaching you how to stretch your creative side to innovate but also stretch your 'how can we make this actually work so we can do it' side at the same time.
Are there pre-requisites?
NO!  You need no special training to come to the course.  It's built to make you successful with ZERO experience.
Does it apply to my industry/profession?
Absolutely.  If in your job you need to solve problems and do it faster, smarter and more innovatively - then it 100% applies.
Where are the live classes held?
Most of the live classes are held at the Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It's a custom built facility that sits on the edge of a lake and has been dubbed a "safe haven for innovative thinking."
Where do I stay?
There are many great hotels nearby - from downtown posh to cozy creative spaces.  Upon registering you'll get a complete packet with logistics, details and recommendations for your trip.
How soon can I get into a class?
There's at least one class per month.
What will I get from the course?
You'll learn how to create and communicate meaningfully unique ideas to solve problems.  You'll also learn how to test your idea to see if it's any good and how to make it a reality really fast.
How does the certification work?
If you pass all the certification assignments within 60 days of attending the live class, you'll be certified as an Innovation Engineering Blue Belt by the Innovation Engineering Institute.  You can put it on your resume, LinkedIn and mention it in your next review with your boss!
Can I get C.E.U.s for the course?
Absolutely.  Our academic partner, the University of Maine, can issue continuing education units for you.
Is it an online class or in-person?
Both.  Once you register you get online access to the library of video courses to watch before attending the live 2-day class.  After that you have 60 days to submit assignments and work virtually with your coach.
How long is the class?
The live class portion is 2 days, 8a-5p ET.
I'm busy.  How am I supposed to find time for this in addition to my regular work?!?
That's the best part!  When you apply your new innovative skills during your certification it is apply to your EXISTING to-do list.  Meaning the course WON'T ADD to your work, it will actually help you get it done!
A Location fit for Big Thinking

Eureka! Ranch
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
One of the most popular locations is the world-famous Eureka! Ranch, dubbed by the media as a 'safe haven for innovative thinking.'  It's been featured in dozens of news outlets from Business Week to Dateline NBC.
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