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Innovation Engineering
An Innovation System Everyone Can Succeed With.
"Doug Hall just might have what we've all been looking for...
the happy SECRET to SUCCESS. "- Dateline NBC
For nearly 40 years Doug Hall’s innovation expertise and books have been legendary among the 15% of adults who are “right brain creativity / design zealots.” These innovation fanatics can innovate anytime, anywhere.
In Innovation Engineering you will learn how to enable innovation among the remaining 85% of the population...the leaders, managers and employees who are “Left Brain logical.”
The system is called Innovation Engineering (IE) and it’s the result of 10 years of research by Doug the Innovation Engineering community.

 Instead of seeking to “change” the 85% - it leverages their strengths through the discipline of System Driven Innovation. 
 It’s a system that everyone can trust and commit to. 
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"Former Procter & Gamble marketing whiz Doug Hall goes to any length to encourage a fresh perspective...CLIENTS SAY IT WORKS."
- Wall Street Journal
When Doug meets Disney, creativity ne'er wanes; our team explodes when he jump starts our brains!"
- Ellen Guidera, VP, 
Disney Consumer Products
What makes Innovation Engineering so effective for Left Brainers?
 “Logical Left Brainers” can trust IE because it’s GROUNDED IN DATA.
  It’s the first innovation system to be based on data and analytics not overhyped marketing and “guru” opinions.
“Logical Left Brainers” can trust IE because it’s REAL WORLD VALIDATED:
Today there are over $75 Billion worth of innovations being accelerated to market using the Innovation Engineering mindset and methods. And, IE is also being used to activate tens of thousands of projects for improving internal work system effectiveness and efficiency. 
It’s not just a “big idea hunt” it’s a TOTAL SYSTEM from Idea to Reality: 
With successful innovations the devil is in the details. That’s why the Innovation Engineering courses both on and off college campus include: 1. Fundamentals, 2. Create, 3. Communicate, 4. Commercialize, 5. System Driven Leadership and 6. Real world applications.
It’s Not RISKY - Pioneers have Made it Reliable: 
IE has been refined through training / applications with organizations like: Toyota Manufacturing, Trek, Procter & Gamble, Walt Disney, American Express, Schlumberger, AT&T, Nike, Nestle, Humana, Kimberly-Clark, GOJO Industries, Cintas, Daimler, Dunnhumby, Boston Pizza, High Liner Foods, March of Dimes, the National Wildlife Federation and thousands more.
Inside of this FREE BOOK, you'll discover...
Identify the 90% of the innovation opportunity that lies in systems for working smarter.
Learn the 3 innovation principles that are applicable at every-single phase of innovation. - Chapter 5
Learn the critical keys to gaining alignment that can increase your speed to market 6x - Chapter 9
Get a mind-blowing mindset shift on market research for your idea that reduces your risk 30-80%. - Chapter 11
Discover how to make diversity and collaboration not just words in your core values, but real tools to help you crank up innovation.  Chapter 10
Uncover the public and free access to "Innovation Blueprints" that can help you solve problems and start businesses!  - Chapter 12
Learn how the forefather of Quality (Six Sigma, Lean, Total Quality), Dr. W. Edwards Deming had the keys to modern innovation success in the 1950's.
What makes INNOVATION ENGINEERING Meaningfully Unique is we Enable the HOW.
System Driven Innovation, like the System of Profound Knowledge that my grandfather taught, is a new mindset that you have to commit to . . . 

Your market's going to change, your business is going to change. 

It gives you such an amazing advantage, because it teaches you how to look at and deal with those changes by thinking differently.

Kevin Cahill
from the interview in the appendix
Executive Director of the Deming Institute
Grandson of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.
Innovation Engineering - 
The Art & Science of System Driven Innovation™.
Doug Hall is the best selling author of six books. 

His national best seller - Jump Start Your Business Brian is named by Jack Covert at 800-CEO Read as one of the top 100 Business Books of all time.

What People Have Said about Doug Hall's Previous Right-Brained Books:
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