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what you LEARN
  •  A framework to communicate clear and motivating innovation missions.
  •  A method to create 8X more big ideas than brainstorming.
  •  An idea pitch structure to increase the persuasive power of your message by up to 5X.
  •  A work process that will deliver results up to 6X faster. 
Plus, 6 months access to a revolutionary new
cloud-based innovation software suite!
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  One-on-one feedback on all submitted coursework.
  Unlimited attempts at assignments so you can achieve      mastery.
  Coaching support on a real world project to make your learning truly stick.
Equivalent of a semesters long college course
  •  What is a Meaningfully Unique Innovation?
  •  How to 6X Your Creativity
  •  Turbo Charging Your Creativity
  •  Leveraging Diversity to Create Ideas
  •  Give Purpose to Your Innovation Work
  •  Helping Others See Your Idea as You See It
  • Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing
  •  Building Innovation Confidence with Math Game Plans
  • How to Accelerate Your Success With PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act)
  •  Best Practices for Accelerating Success with (Plan, Do, Study, Act)
  • How to 10X Your Innovation Decision Making with Rapid Research
  •  Making it Real with Prototypes
“I think it’s one of one of the greatest systems out there for unleashing creativity, encouraging creativity, and for applying discipline on top of creativity.”

— Schelli Dittman, Managing Director, Enavations (Non-Profit Consultancy)

“I see excitement from people. Before (employees said) ‘I’m going to come to work. I’m going to work on this project. And that would be it.’ Now, you just hear the chitter-chatter. And the best thing is you hear them talking about projects we’re not working on, saying, ‘Hey, I was thinking about this the other weekend. This would be really neat if we could do...’ It’s getting excitement within the organization - we see that we’re going somewhere.”

— Jim Hlebovy, Manager of Product Engineering, Gebauer Company
“Innovation Engineering makes it possible to have an impact. It is extremely practical in how it approaches (innovation)... It’s not easy work. But it’s fun work because you’re energized about it.”

— Jeff McCurrah, VP of Marketing & Innovation
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