6th Annual Conference
Find, Filter & Fast Track BIG IDEAS - NOW!
The 2018 Innovation Engineering Conference is now
ON DEMAND until December 31, 2018
Are You Ready to Get Off the
 Hamster wheel
and do cool $h!t that
Everyone who watches gets:
  • Driving Eureka! Book ($25 value)
  • How-to In 2 Hours Innovation Engineering Workshop - Delivered Live! ($99 value)
  • Driving Eureka! One-Hour Abridged Audio ($9 value)
  •    Driving Eureka! Prescription for Success ($25 value)
  •  !! PLUS the new Driving Eureka! Video Workbook ($249 value) !!
It's time to show your elementary school teacher...
he/she was WRONG.
From The Desk Of Doug Hall - Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Founder of Eureka! Ranch, Innovation Engineering & Author of Driving Eureka!
Studies show that as much as 85% of the population believe they are not innovative or creative. The root cause of this is often a bad experience at a young age when their art, writing, music, theater performance or even how they thought through something was questioned.  

The consequence of this belief is we retreat from DOING GREAT THINGS - we react instead of taking action - creating, innovating and doing great things.  

GOOD NEWS - Research on hundreds of thousands of adults and tens of thousands of innovations finds YOU CAN DO IT. In fact - EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE Can Innovate IF THEY JUST KNOW HOW. 

After 30 years of front line experience inventing with the world’s best and brightest (Nike, Walt Disney, American Express, Procter & Gamble, AT&T, Hewlett Packard) - the Innovation Engineering Institute team at the Eureka! Ranch invested 10 years turning that learning into courses, systems, methods and tools that are reliable and reproducible by everyone. After prototyping with over 35,000 on campus, off campus, front line employees to c suite executives - they are ready to Launch their work to the world. 

On November 13th - the hard cover book on Innovation Engineering, Driving Eureka!, will be published AND we will hold a one day digital conference. It’s actually our 6th conference. In the past they’ve been held at the Eureka! Ranch - however the global spread of the movement and the need for all to embrace the world of digital has us doing this year’s conference as a live digital experience. 
what you LEARN
  •  OPEN YOUR MIND - to an innovation success system that has been piloted, refined and optimized by companies like Humana, Procter & Gamble and Toyota Manufacturing.
  •  ENABLE YOU TO THINK SMARTER - You and/or your team will participate in a live How to in 2 Hours™ overview of this new way of working
  •  TEACH YOU HOW TO HAVE SUPER POWER- You will see demos of amazing software platforms that give you the ability to think smarter, faster, and more creatively using the world’s only data validated tools for creating, communicating and commercializing ideas. 
  •  REVEAL HOW TO GO FROM FAILURE TO SUCCESS- You will learn a new way of managing innovation projects that transforms them from losing 50% of value during development (two studies confirm) - to Gaining 28% in value.   
Part 1 ::  Keynote Address
Doug Hall will deliver the "State of Innovation Engineering" address.  In his signature high energy, high education way - Doug will share the discoveries and advancements that have made the Innovation Engineering community over 35,000 people  strong.  He'll also reveal where we're headed and the exciting things to come.
Part 2 ::  How to in 2 Hours
The Innovation Engineering Education team of Maggie Pfeifer and Brad Hall will walk you through a 2 hour interactive "how-to" program on innovation.  No matter what role you play or your level of experience, this methodical approach will show you how to create ideas, communicate them in a way that persuades others to help and how to make them real - when they feel impossible!
Part 3 ::  Super Power Software
Maggie Nichols, Scott Dunkle and Greg Lemmon will debut 2 new software platforms that will make applying the Innovation Engineering approach easier than ever!  
  • The personal software - Thinkstormer - gives you access to 50+ tools to help you generate ideas, solve problems, test ideas, do math, write ideas and so much more.  
  •  Trailblazer Innovation Project Management helps you accelerate innovation projects and optimize through the uncertainty that often arises with innovations.
Part 4 ::  A Living Case Study of Innovation Engineering in Action
Doug Hall and the Brain Brew Crew will reveal exactly how they use the Innovation Engineering "operating system" to build a custom whisk(e)y business from the ground up - using a team with zero experience, in a category of intense competition, with constraints that are impossible.  And yet...they've created a business model and award winning whisk(e)y that's completely disrupting the industry.
Part 5 ::  Innovation Action Planning - STARTING RIGHT NOW
Don't you hate conferences where you get all excited, but have little to show for it when you leave?  So do we!  So we've given you a collection of tools with your registration and we'll walk you through, step by step, how to use them right now to start changing your life, your living and your world.
what you get
This conference isn't for THINKING about BIG IDEAS, it's about DOING THEM.  That's why every registration comes with what you need to get started immediately.
Driving Eureka! - Problem Solving with Data-Driven Methods & the Innovation Engineering System - the 7th book from best-selling author, Doug Hall.  It's even possible you will have your copy before it hits the store shelves!
VALUE:  $24.99
This interactive workshop is delivered live during the digital conference.  In it you'll learn essential skills and tools for creating big ideas, communicating them in a way that sells and actually makes them happen.
VALUE:  $99
Why just read the book when you can activate the learning on your real work?  This interactive video workbook breaks the Driving Eureka! book into tangible lessons you can apply to your current challenges - complete with instructional videos and proven exercises to strategize, problem solve, ideate and innovate! 
VALUE:  $197
The Driving Eureka! Abridged Audio is a 60 minute overview of the problem-solving and data-driven methods outlined in the book. Author Doug Hall walks you through the bigger picture view of innovation - and how to find, filter and fast track big ideas.
VALUE : $9.99
Driving Eureka! Prescription for Success provides you with an honest, confidential assessment of your strengths. It also provides you with ideas and advice for how to grow your ability to innovate. The report and advice is based on 35 years of research by me and my team at the Eureka! Ranch. Their innovation success database includes data from over 35,000 innovators and over $17 billion worth of innovations.
VALUE : $29.99
Who should Watch?
While this conference is open to anyone in any industry, it's only fair to say that Eureka! does specialize in industries where innovation is typically difficult to do.
  • Business-to-Business
  • Manufacturing
  • Business-to-Consumer
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Not-for-Profit
While most conferences are for people with innovation in their title, this one is different.  It's built from the ground up to help everyone from the first time entrepreneur to the seasoned 30 year innovation veteran.
Thinking and acting more innovatively is a need across all form and function of society - whether to improve your day job or make an impact anywhere.  But here are some of the most common challenges this conference will address:
  • How to finally solve challenges that you keep attempting to solve, with diminishing results.
  • How to win new customers / clients / donors / fans.
  • How to convince others to get behind your idea / initiative.
  • How to "operationalize" innovation - and not just talk about it.
This is your defining moment.
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