Need BIG Ideas?
Eureka! Inventing helps you 
find, filter and fast track innovations 
to grow your business.
Get big ideas FAST
6x Faster.  Up to 80% Smarter.
Today's business world is changing at an unprecedented rate.  And if you're not changing faster, innovating faster, your customer and competition will change for you.  With such rates of change, you can't afford to innovate slowly.  

Which is why Eureka!'s hallmark of inventing bold innovations at super-sonic speeds is a game-changer.  It allows you to respond to the changing market demands with wow innovations that not only win customers but they prevent competitors from following.
6x Faster
In paired comparison tests, our method if inventing innovations created 6x higher quantity and quality ideas than traditional brainstorming.
 80% Smarter
Using risk adjusted forecasts, companies were able to avert investment risks and failures and adapt innovations to make smarter value-based investment decisions.
Bring us your Impossible,
Because we aren't called "Eureka!" for nothing
Since 1986 we've been inventing unique solutions for companies all over the world.  

We've seen it, been there, done that in just about every kind of scenario you can think of. 

In fact, in some of our favorite projects we were called in because "we've tried this other ways and we just can't seem to get it."
Number of 
teams Eureka! has led
to create meaningful, bold innovations.
Number of 
products in the average American home 
that Eureka! has created.
Number of 
innovations Eureka! has created and tested 
since 1986.
While every project is custom designed for your specific challenge, 
some of our most popular projects include:
Invention of 
Patentable WOW Innovations
Invention of 
Broad Innovation Pipeline
Accelerate Innovations 
to Investment Grade Opportunities
Accelerate Innovations 
to In Market Proof of Concept
Eureka! Ranch named America's Top Innovation Team by
100s of Companies
trust Eureka! to help them innovate.  
Here are a few you might recognize:
Across categories, continents and cultures.
For nearly 40 years, Eureka! has helped organizations across varied industries innovate to solve their most complex and difficult business challenges. 
Adult Body Cleansers

Adult Candy
Adult Education Services

Adult Skin Care


Air Filters


Allergy Care Products




Auto Emergency Products

Baby Feeding Systems

Baby Skin Care


Barbecue Sauces


Beef Products

Beer Products

Beer Positioning
Beer Packaging Concepts


Bike Tours

Board Games

Boats and Boat 

Bottled Coffee & Teas

Boxed Chocolates


Burial  Caskets

Business Communications

Business Insurance

Business Research Services

Butters and Spreads

Canister Snacks
Candies & Confectionary

Car Care Products

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Cat Foods, Snacks, Treats

Charity Fundraising

Children's Hair Care

Cold and Cough Products

Cold Cereals


Concept Car Interiors

Concept Cars

Construction Info. Services
Construction Toys

Consumer Packaged Goods

Cooking Oils

Corporate Financing

Corporate Partnerships

Creative Services


Credit Card Services

Cremation Urns

Custom Cabinets

Customer Service


Database Design

Decorative Tile

Desktop Computers

Direct Marketing

Dog Foods, Snacks

Drink Mixes and Spirits
Educational Toys

Electric Utility Services

Engine Oil Additives


Enrollment Programs


Expandable Foam

Eye Care


Fabric Treatments

Facial Cleansers

Facial Moisturizers


Fast Food Menu Items

Fast Food Systems

Feminine Products

Financial Management

Financial Services

Fine Arts Services

Food Preparation Aids

Food Quality Diagnostics

Food Service Products

Food Service Promotions

Food Storage Bags

Foot Care Products

Frozen Entrees

Frozen Vegetables

Fruit Beverages

Fruit Juices

Functional Foods

Functional Paint Products


Gardening Products

Gourmet Breads

Gourmet Coffee

Gov't. Budgeting

Gov’t. Services

Ground Coffee

Hand Soap

Health Beverages

Healthy Snacks

Herbal Medicines

Herbal Teas

Home Appliances

Home Security

Hot Cereals

Household Cleansers

Ice Cream and Deserts

Industrial Locks

Information Services

Insect Repellents

Instant Coffee


International Business

International Marketing

Internet Services

Investment Services
Kids Candy

Kids Cereals

Kids Soaps/Shampoos

Kids Toys

Landscaping Products

Laptop Computers

Laundry Soap

Library Science

Life Insurance

Locks/Security Systems

Long Distance Phone Services
Lunch Meats




Medical Info Systems

Memorial Products

Microbrew Beer

Mufflers (OEM & AM)

New Adult Beverages

New Age Beverages

New Breakfast Foods

New Cars

New Trucks and S.U.V.'s
Nutritional Supplements

O.T.C. Drugs

Off Season Sales Efforts

Online Advertising

Online Banking Services

Online Barter Services

Online Postage Services

Online Security Systems

Paper & Pulp Processing

Paper Cups, Plates

Pay Phones/Systems

Peanuts and Peanut Butter
Personal Grooming

Pest Control

Pet Foods


Photographic Equipment

Playground Equipment

Pork Products…
and many more.                       
We could never have accomplished by ourselves what we accomplished through our Eureka! Inventing session. At my request they presented the results to our CEO, which was very well received. I give Eureka! Inventing a solid "10" and am certain that we will continue to turn to the Eureka! Ranch for future projects. - Michelle Van Leer, SVP, John Hancock
We've helped companies revolutionize their business through Innovation
Below are just a couple of examples from the 100s of projects we've worked on.

DISCLAIMER: Just because we're showing you products here doesn't mean we don't work on systems, processes, services and everything else.  It's just that they don't photograph nearly as well as these lovely products.  If you'd like to talk through our other case studies in your industry - contact us.
Business Model Innovation
Product Innovation, Marketing Innovation, 
Process Innovation, Route to Market Innovation
Eureka! created a completely new disruptive product 
preferred 3x more than the category leader 
in just 9 months. 
THE OBJECTIVE: The Edrington Group needs to create new brands and products for Millennials to get new customers. But…Millennials are not the typical customer.  And making good whiskey takes time. They typically need to age 8, 10, 12, 18 YEARS before they’re good.

PRODUCT SYSTEMS INNOVATION: They needed a way to make product faster than 8 years, so with fast cycles of learning the team invented a way to create a great whiskey in 40 MINUTES! It uses the Compression Aging®, Compression Smoked® and Flavor Infusion patent-pending technologies we invented.

RESEARCH SYSTEMS INNOVATION: Typical annual research costs were $2.3M+, but using a new Rapid Test research system the team did 234 quantitative market research tests with Millennials for just over $156,000. (That’s 7% of the typical costs with 1,000s more data points so they could make fast, smart decisions.)

Disruptive Product Innovation
Product Innovation, Marketing Innovation
Eureka! helped create a completely new brand and product collection to disrupt a traditional category
THE OBJECTIVE: Highliner needed to create new brands and products for Millennials. But research showed millennials often don't cook fish themselves for fear of doing it wrong.  

PRODUCT INNOVATION: Using fast cycles of experimentation and borrowing the brilliance of stimulus from other industries, technologies and methods the team created a breakthrough new product collection that goes from frozen to fantastic in 10 minutes.  In the process, multiple patents were filed on the novel manufacturing and cooking method.

MARKETING INNOVATION: Traditional names and tag lines didn't resonate with their target customer, but the "Can't Mess it Up" branding broke through the clutter of an otherwise crowded freezer case.  

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