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  • Enabling means 100+ TOOLS that help everyone work smarter, faster & more creatively.
  • Enabling means making you an INNOVATION PRO with zero experience.
What makes 

It's An Innovation System Built for the 85% of us that are Left-Brained.
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The need to work smarter, faster and more creatively is broadly accepted. What is not understood is how to do it. 

Until recently, there were no college or executive courses. And, there were no validated methods and practical tools for helping individuals create fresh ideas and turn them into reality - quickly and successfully. 

The aim of this book, and the aim of the world wide Innovation Engineering movement is to introduce you to a system that enables innovation by anyone, anywhere, every day, resulting in increased innovation speed and decreased risk. 
Innovation Engineering transforms innovation 
from a random act 
It turns ideas into reality faster, smarter and more successfully.
This book is NOT JUST for engineers!  
It's for ANYONE that wants to think smarter, faster and more innovatively.
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“What makes Innovation Engineering different is that it’s clear that the methods and tools taught are crafted by people who’ve actually done it. It’s clear, it’s documented, it’s reliable, it works.

- Mike Sirois, Chief Innovation Office High Liner Foods
“Our speed to market has increased over 40% and our pipeline has been enriched by over 50%.” 

Mark Lerner, Chief Operating Officer, GOJO Industries
“I think it’s one of one of the greatest systems out there for unleashing creativity, encouraging creativity, and for applying discipline on top of creativity.” 

- Schelli Dittman, Managing Director, Enavations (Non-Profit Consultancy)
Inside of this FREE mini eBook excerpt of the first 3 chapters of Innovation Engineering, you'll discover...
Why innovation is NO LONGER OPTIONAL - no matter your job title, industry or experience.
Why if you're not MEANINGFULLY UNIQUE, you better be cheap.
Innovation - because it's by nature different - can take a long time.  Or can it?  The book defines what you can do to increase your speed of innovating 6x.
How to "de-risk" innovation from 30 to 80%..
Where 90% of innovation gets stuck - and how to get it unstuck.
The secret to success to the breakthrough whiskey business that disrupted the industry by beating the market leader 3 to 1.
How innovation - done right - can give your job, your team, your company, your life - a complete reinvention and reboot.
How to Crack the millennials code - how they tick, how they invent and how to light their fire.
How to Bust the Bureaucracy that strangles innovation.
“...System Driven Innovation, like the System of Profound Knowledge that my Grandfather taught, is a new mindset that you have to commit to....Your market's going to change, your business is going to change. It gives you such an amazing advantage, because it teaches you how to look at and deal with those changes by thinking differently.”
Kevin Cahill
From the Interview in the Appendix
Executive Director - The Deming Institute
Grandson of Dr. W. Edwards Deming
Why the Name Innovation Engineering?
The name Innovation Engineering precisely defines our purpose and mindset.

Innovation is about ideas that matter. Creativity is the creation of the new and novel. Innovation is about ideas that make a difference. The difference can be new products/services, how we do our work or even how we ignite social change in our communities.

Engineering is about applied science. There are many books and classes that preach the virtues of innovation. Innovation Engineering is different - it details the big picture leadership principles and the hands on how to actually increase innovation speed and decrease risk.
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