Driving Eureka! Video Workbook
 Activate a Systemic Approach to Innovation in Your Life or with Your Team Now!
Do you ever buy a business book with the best of intentions to learn from it and then incorporate it into your work?  But other than a few buzz words and insights, nothing much changes?  We get it!  That's why we created the Innovation Engineering Video Workbook!
The Driving Eureka! Video Workbook is a companion to Doug Hall's new book, Driving Eureka!, Problem-Solving with Data-Driven Methods & the Innovation Engineering System

This video workbook will bring the book to life and take you step-by-step, applying the new learning to your real work challenges.
It's incredibly simple, focused, and easy to incorporate into your day
Step 1:  Watch one of the 9 short power-packed videos by author Doug Hall to bring the key concepts to life.  

Step 2:   Work through the collection of simple downloaded exercises that help you apply what you just learned to your real work RIGHT NOW.

In about an hour, you can work through a session to help you sharpen your skills at innovation.
It's perfect for:
  •  team building
  •  lunch & learn programs 
  •  individual professional development
Driving Eureka Video Workbook Activating Innovation Now
What Will It Cover?
Session 1:
Intro, Problem, Solution
Learn why innovation is no longer optional and how the approach laid out in this book and video series can help you innovate successfully - no matter what you do.
Session 2
WHAT is an innovation? How do you know one when you see one? WHY innovate? Get the answers and work through how you can explain them in a way to motivate workers and leaders.
Session 3
"94% of the problem is the system, 6% is the worker."  Learn what systems are and how you can leverage them to make innovation reliable and reproducible.
Session 4:
Create, Problem Solve, & Recreate
Learn how to 8x your ability to create new ideas, find new answers to existing problems, or bring new life to an old idea or problem.  And then do it!
Session 5:
Learn how to talk about your ideas in a way that's persuades others to get on board - with 5x more persuasive power!  Then take a crack at it using a simple exercise.
Session 6 : 
Learn how to not only prove out - if an idea is good or not, but do it quickly and with little to no budget.  Bring the concept to life through an exercise leveraging a "Fail FAST, Fail CHEAP" method.
Session 7:
One of the most common reasons why innovation goes slowly is lack of alignment on priorities.  

Use this simple framework to clarify a strategy and communicate it in a way that makes innovation go faster.
Session 8:
Collaboration, Research, Patents
If you want to make it easier to do innovation over and over, then setting up systems for collaboration and research is a must.

Exercises will walk you through the who and what at a high level so you can work smarter so you can go faster.
Session 9
Getting Started
With the basics under your belt, you may be ready to take it to the next level.  Learn what you can do to kick this into high gear.
Specifically, what do you get?
 Access to Driving Eureka! Online Learning Center
 9 Online Video Sessions Lead by Innovation Expert, Doug Hall
 20 Downloadable Innovation Exercises
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  • 20 Downloadable Innovation Exercises
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